10 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

  1. Get prequalified by a lender before you start looking.
    You’ll know how much you can afford, and it is required to make an offer. When choosing your lender, it is very important to consider using a local lender instead of one of the nationwide banks.
  2. Understand Indiana property taxes.
    Make sure your agent explains how property taxes and property tax exemptions are calculated and how that affects your monthly payment.
  3. You need professional and honest representation for the negotiating process.
    Choose a Realtor with exceptional reviews.
  4. Buy a house that fits your lifestyle.
    List your top 5 amenities, keeping in mind what you can add or change and what you cannot change, such as location.
  5. Keep RESALE foremost in mind.
    Don’t buy a house that has one major objectionable thing that can’t be changed which would limit future buyers.
  6. Understand the importance of earnest money.
    When you make an offer on a home, be prepared to put down 1% of the purchase price earnest money which goes toward your down payment.
  7. Realize that Zillow is not the authority on home market values!
    Frequently Zillow is very inaccurate in local home values. You need a real estate professional to review the detailed data of comparable homes that have recently sold.
  8. Get a whole house inspection from a reputable inspector.
    Plan to attend the inspection so the inspector can carefully explain any issues with you.
  9. Maintain, maintain, maintain!
    Help your home retain its value. You will never regret money spent on maintenance when it comes time to sell.
  10. Make home improvements that will appeal to the largest pool of buyers.
    Again, think resale! You don’t know when you may need to sell.

These 10 tips always lead to more questions from 1st-time home buyers. I am here to help! Please call or email—no question is “dumb” when we are dealing with the single largest purchase of your life!

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